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Feathered Friends Could Be Damaging Your HVAC System

One of the best things about spring is the way nature comes alive after a long winter asleep. Grass turns back to green, leaves sprout on trees, and colorful birds frolick in your yard. While they’re probably chirping a cheerful tune, they may be looking for a place to take up permanent residence. You’d assume trees would be the most appealing spot, but your HVAC system is another potential home site for birds. These feathered friends may be a welcome sight in your yard, but when they take up residence in your Portland HVAC system, the damage to your home and health can be severe.

Here are some of the potential problems:


Fecal Borne Disease

While the risk is mild in many cases, bird poop in your HVAC system has the potential to become a breeding ground for mosquito-borne West Nile virus. In certain parts of the country (like the warm and damp Pacific Northwest), fungal cultures can grow within bird droppings, leading to potential airway infections to your family members of the human, canine, and feline variety.


Bird Mites

Like any wild animal, birds have the potential to carry tiny insects with them from place to place.  The mites that live on birds (and in their nests) can easily find their way through your HVAC system when the carriers are nesting within it. Whether or not your family develops an allergic reaction to these mites, their presence is a major irritation in your home that can’t be eradicated until the birds and their nest are removed.


Poisoned Food

Bird-borne bacteria has been responsible for health crises like salmonella poisoning and avian flu. With birds nesting in your HVAC system, the bacteria they carry is being pumped into your home where you prepare your meals. Even the dust from an empty nest can contain enough bacteria to contaminate food.


Blocked Air Vents

Birds are smart about where they build their nests. With an eye out for fresh air sources, many birds choose the fresh air intake of an HVAC for their nesting site. This means instead of a pleasant or neutral smell in your home, the nest could provide your home with an overwhelming bird poop odor.


Fiberglass And Other Delights

In keeping with their clever choice in nesting sites, birds are crafty when it comes to building materials. Exposed insulation nearby makes perfect stuff for nesting, and they’ll happily pick it out of any home in the neighborhood. Unfortunately for you, fiberglass and other hazardous materials lodged in your HVAC system will be pumped into your home and eventually end up in your lungs.


Now that you know how dangerous birds in your HVAC system can be, rest assured that proactive inspections can halt this problem before it starts. When spring weather comes around, check eaves, air intakes, and other place that might be an enticing but problematic nesting place. If there are nests removed from your home, be sure to have the remnants thoroughly and professionally cleaned to remove the crusted remains of contaminants that can be harmful to your home long after the birds have flown away.


Birds are a wonderful addition to any yard, but they don’t belong in your HVAC system. Keeping them in the trees and away from the ducts and eaves will mean continued health and cleanliness for your family and home.